How to Perform Microsoft Backup Recovery?

Go to Start menu » Programs » BKF Repair Tool

Software’s start-up screen will appear as shown below:

Now, click on the “Browse” button present on the toolbar. This will lead to the browsing option as shown under:

Select the corrupt BKF file that you need to repair. After selecting, click on the “Open" button.

As you click open, software will initiate the loading process as shown in the following screenshot:

After the loading process completes, you can see the preview of selected files as shown below:

Now, click the “Extract” button to finally extract the repaired files from corrupt BKF. As you click extract, software will ask you to choose a location where you want to save the recovered files, as shown below:

Browse a location where you wish to save the recovered files and then click on the “OK" button. The software will start saving the recovered files and folders to your selected location.

If you need to load another BKF file, follow the following steps:

To load another BKF file?

For loading another BKF file, you don’t have to start from the first step. Just go to the screen shown below and choose the BKF file, whose recovery you have completed, from the tree structure in the left side of the window; right click on it and choose Close Backup File option. This will close that backup file and then you can click on the “Load" button again to load another BKF file for recovery.

Quick Scan

Deep Scan

This is the "Range Based Scan" feature and it is helpful for recovering data from large sized BKF files. Mostly, users have large sized BKF files to this feature is useful to many. In the recovery of large sized files, you can quickly do range based scan to extract only a small amount of data.

What Is This Value?

The value that you will enter above is the percentage of data that will be extracted from the selected large sized BKF file.(For example – on choosing (say 25%), you will be able to recover only 25% of data from the selected BKF file.

Follow these quick and simple steps to recover BKF data from your corrupt backup files using BKF Repair. Still if there is any problem or you have any query; contact our technical support staff which is available 24X7 for your assistance.