Windows Backup Corruption on a FAT Based File System – Microsoft Backup Recovery is Possible

Microsoft Windows has a built-in backup program called NTBackup. Users backup their crucial data using this backup utility. These Microsoft Windows backup files are saved in BKF format.

BKF Corruption: NTBackup or the data guard facility is also not completely safe. Due to some circumstances, these BKF files can also get corrupted. In such a backup corruption conditions, you might think your data has been lost permanently. But, Microsoft corrupt BKF recovery is possible by using an efficient BKF recovery tool which helps you to Repair BKF Catalog. There are several reasons which are responsible for this missing catalog like virus or Trojan effect, sudden shut down of system, Windows backup software malfunctioning, power failure, failure of the system software, corruption of hard drive, backup interruption etc.

Corrupt Backup Repair Tool: In order to repair BKF files which have got corrupted, you need to use some reliable third party software product to carry out corrupt backup recovery process. BKF Repair software is such kind of backup repair software which is technically advanced and specifically used to carry out corrupt backup file repair process and also used for missing BKF catalog repair. This software is extremely easy to use and is an adept corrupt backup file repair tool. Using this BKF repair product you will save your lots of precious time as it aims at performing fast recovery.

BKF Corruption – A Common Scenario

Microsoft Windows has a built-in backup program called NTBackup. Users backup their crucial data using this backup utility. These Microsoft Windows backup files are saved in BKF format.

Sometimes, while taking backups, some problems can occur that lead to backup file corruption. After BKF corruption, users tend to face problems during BKF file restoration.

Limitations While Saving BKF File Onto FAT File System

Now, NTBackup creates backup of files on to a storage media or a drive of the system. Often, when the backup is on FAT file system, there are chances that BKF file size limit exceeds (the file size limit on FAT based file system is only 4 GB for FAT32). After this happens, BKF corrupts and cannot restore data. In such a scenario, a viable way to get back data in the original state is to use a powerful Microsoft backup recovery software tool.


A Possible Situation of Backup Corruption (BKF on FAT)

You have created a backup on a drive with FAT file system. You keep adding more and more data to it. Now, when you try to add more data to that BKF file, suddenly backup process stops and you are not able to access the data or add more data onto the file. You see an error message that says:

[Insert media] The fixed media is full. You cannot back up all of the specified data to this disk device.The backup operation will stop.

The error might have occurred because of maximization of file size storage limit of FAT file system, which is very low (4 GB for FAT 32). When this limit exceeds by continuous addition of data to the BKF file, backup process might stop resulting in BKF corruption. Microsoft Windows backup recovery can help you get back data from corrupt BKF.

A Precaution – Try Creating Backup on NTFS

To prevent the problem of BKF corruption due to exceeded file size limit on FAT file system, you should try to create backup on an NTFS based file system as it is designed for larger drives


Microsoft Backup Recovery Tool Can Help You Get Back BKF Data

If you are facing BKF corruption problem, then a solution for it is to repair corrupt Microsoft backup using a third-party Microsoft backup recovery utility tool. An efficient Microsoft backup recovery program will help you recover data easily and quickly in its original state without hampering any data information while recovery.

Associating is a data recovery software development company, will help you get such efficient Windows backup recovery – fix BKF using BKF Repair software and get your BKF data back easily, quickly, unalterably, efficiently and also cost-effectively. This software now supports Windows 7 also. So, you can perform Microsoft Windows 7 backup recovery also, using this tool.

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